Our Waters


Our Waters

“Termas de Cuntis” water is a special mineromedicinal one due to its pprivileged physical, chemical and biological composition (sulphurous, sodium and hyper thermal, with strong mineralization). Its use is based on the stimulation of the entire organism by means of thermal, mechanic and chemical actions. It is used and recommended in the treatment of several diseases by its content in sulphides, sulphates, sodium, carbonic anhydride, silica, fluor, calcium, magnesium and other:

  • Reumatic diseases: Degenerative rheumatisms (osteoarthritis), inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatic arthritis), joint rheumatism (sciatica, neuralgia, muscular pain, etc.)
  • Respiratory infections: : bronchitis prevention, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc.
  • Skin diseases psoriasis, lichen, dermatitis and other.
  • Metabolic alterations: obesity, excess of weight.
  • Rehabilitation: recovery of post-traumatic conditions, sportive injuries, etc
  • Psychological and nervous diseases: emotional stress, insomnia, physical and intellectual exhaustion, etc.

Enjoy our amazing Acquaform

recreational – thermal space that combines the therapeutical benefits of the Cuntis waters with a real present for your senses. You can enjoy with the family or friends of swimming, healing of muscular tension with jets and swan-neck hydro massage, relaxing lying in a massage bed or eliminating toxins in the many saunas, apart from getting fit in its complete gym.

The water used in our facilities is 100% minero-medicinal.

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