Children in Termas de Cuntis


Children in Termas de Cuntis


Spending some rest days, fun and health are the touristic alternative we offer in Termas de Cuntis to those families with children, even not needing any specific treatment.

In the thermal- recreational Acquaform circuit we have the best appeal to those families with children. More than 1700 square metres devoted to fun, where children have bath and play when profiting at the same time from the minero-medicinal water. They can enjoy a big dynamic swimming-pool with massage beds, swan-necks, sub-aquatic jets, counter flow river, jacuzzi, hydro massage mushroom or a swimming area. Apart from this big inner swimming-pool, Acquaform has an outer one, where water is at enough degrees to be used in winter without feeling cold.



With regards to therapeutical treatments, Termas de Cuntis is very conscious of the benefits of our waters to children with different health problems. Our team of doctors and physiotherapists has elaborated a specific program for the children.

This treatment is devoted to children with respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma or bronchiolitis, cystic fibrosis, rhinopharyngitis, colds, dried respiratory mucosa, obstructive sinusitis, hard respiratory infections and chronic ones, nasal relapsing obstruction, respiratory allergies …

The main objectives of our children treatments are, among others, to get a good bronchus-lung ventilation, to diminish the use of drugs, to offer confidence to children with regards to their diseases or to avoid the bronchial asthma attack.


Castro do Balneario hotel has several rooms to 3 or 4 people, where parents and children will comfortably stay and fully enjoy our spa and its privileged environment.

Autumn Campaign: “Children respiratory”

We have recently organized a special campaign of respiratory program on children, where we aimed to create groups of children to do the different hydrotherapy techniques all together. We aimed to have the treatment done in an entertaining way. At the end of the therapeutical part, each day they have the funniest part to play and enjoy… Acquaform swimming-pools!.

As this first experience was successful, and as a precaution against allergies, next Spring we will organize another children treatment campaign in group.



Enjoy our amazing Acquaform

recreational – thermal space that combines the therapeutical benefits of the Cuntis waters with a real present for your senses. You can enjoy with the family or friends of swimming, healing of muscular tension with jets and swan-neck hydro massage, relaxing lying in a massage bed or eliminating toxins in the many saunas, apart from getting fit in its complete gym.

The water used in our facilities is 100% minero-medicinal.

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