Termas de Cuntis is one of the most traditionally spas in Galicia and has become one of the biggest resorts devoted to spa therapy in Spain.

It consists of two four-star hotels, Hotel La Virgen and Castro do Balneario and a building totally devoted to spa therapy. All the resort is surrounded by 50.000 m2 of private gardens, which delight you.

Hotel La Virgen****

Surrounded by huge gardens, it shows the profile of the Galician “pazos”, originally designed by Mr. Antonio Palacios. It has been renovated in 2006 becoming a modern tourist resort with direct connection with the Spa.

Hotel Castro do Balneario****

Typical and traditional Galician house restored preserving all its singular elements.

Each one of its 18 rooms has its own character and all the comforts: minibar, safe, internet, etc…

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Enjoy our amazing Acquaform

recreational – thermal space that combines the therapeutical benefits of the Cuntis waters with a real present for your senses. You can enjoy with the family or friends of swimming, healing of muscular tension with jets and swan-neck hydro massage, relaxing lying in a massage bed or eliminating toxins in the many saunas, apart from getting fit in its complete gym.

The water used in our facilities is 100% minero-medicinal.

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